At the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held on 16 October 2018, the Parish Council resolved to set up a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

This is with the intention to assemble a group of people who will start to put together the basic details required for the initial phases of the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan. The aim is to identify the area to be covered within the Plan (probably the Parish boundary, unless neighbouring Parishes join in); the objectives of such a plan; and the resources needed, including identifying the likely cost (including potential grants).

The Steering Group will then submit a detailed paper to the Parish Council for sign-off, prior to proceeding with the submission of an application for Plan Area designation to the South Downs National Planning Authority.

It is important that a Neighbourhood Plan is representative and inclusive of all parts of the community. We are therefore launching a search for people across the community to volunteer for this project which will have an 18-24 month time-frame. Ideally, a minimum of 12-14 volunteers are required, but 18-20 people would make the subdivision of tasks that much easier.

Meeting will probably be bi-monthly but potentially more frequent when there are ongoing public meetings and consultations.

Some of the members of this Steering Group will come from the Parish Council, but we are really looking for others, who will complement the group by bringing different skills and interests to the ‘Task Force’.

Anyone interested should email the Clerk to the Parish Council,, or the Chair of Planning, Councillor Tim Bryant, email: or phone 07885 673977.