Full Emergency Plan

The East Dean and Friston Parish Emergency Plan is intended to provide a Parish-led self-help response during any emergency affecting the community when the normal emergency response by the ‘blue light’ services, or others is delayed because of the scope or nature of the emergency. In the absence of the emergency services, the Parish Emergency Response Team (PERT) will lead the community response and act as a central point for information and communication for the community, emergency services, District and County Councils.

Although there are no statutory responsibilities for communities to plan for, respond to, or recover from emergencies, it is good practice to identify hazards and make simple plans on how they could respond to them. The Parish Council is not an emergency service and therefore response will generally be confined to looking after the welfare of people in the community or helping to maintain the infrastructure. The aim of the Plan is to provide a framework for the Parish to mobilise local people to help others in the community by harnessing local resources and expertise to assist in an emergency. The Plan aims to increase resilience within the community by enabling the Parish to support itself when outside assistance from the emergency services or others is significantly delayed or overwhelmed to the extent that they cannot deal with the situation within an acceptable timeframe.

The current version of the Emergency Plan was reviewed by the Parish Council in September 2018, and is due for review in Summer 2020.

Self Help Guide - The council has also produced a self-help leaflet for use in cases of emergency. See here.

Extreme Weather Arrangements

As many know, we occasionally get impacted by bad weather – hopefully not this winter, but just in case …..

Emergency Numbers:


422361- Chair of Parish Council

423826 - Vice-Chair of Parish Council

811870 - Clerk to the Parish Council

422351 - Chair of Residents’ Association

Medical Emergencies: dial 999. The ambulance service will attend as soon as possible. It does have access to 4x4s. Any local Community First Responder who is on duty will also be alerted and will attend if possible

Emergency Transport: a list of those with 4x4s who would be willing to offer emergency transport is available. Please contact one of the local numbers above

Stranded Drivers: should people passing through the village on the A259 become stranded, limited emergency accommodation is available. If you become aware of people needing this sort of help please contact one of the numbers above

Help in non-emergencies: contact Community Watch on 423311 or 423101 or 423611

Medicines, Food and Fuel: you may wish to consider increasing appropriate stocks over the winter period, just in case

Be Neighbourly: and please keep an eye out for neighbours in need during bad weather

Keep Safe!

ESCC Highways Winter Fact Sheet (see here)