Flag Flying Days

The Parish Council will fly the Union Jack from its flag pole on The Green on the following days in 2023.

 Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that country's flag will be flown on all days when no other flags are scheduled.

flag pole on the green

Date Celebration
6th January
Birthday of HRH Princess of Wales
8th May
Coronation of HM Charles III (also VE Day)
10th June
HM King's Official Birthday (Trooping the Colour)
21st June
Birthday of HRH Prince of Wales
17th July
Birthday of Queen Consort
15th August
VJ Day (Victory in Japan) - End of World War II
8th September
Accession of HM King Charles III
15th September
Battle of Britain Day
21st October
Trafalgar Day
24th October
United Nations Day
11th November
Armistice Day
12th November #
Remembrance Sunday
14th November
Birthday of HM King

 Other flags will be flown on these days in 2023:
13th March * Commonwealth Day - COMMONWEALTH FLAG is flown
23th April St George’s Day - St GEORGE'S CROSS is flown
3rd September Merchant Navy Day - RED ENSIGN is flown

*This date is correct for 2023 otherwise it is on the 2nd Monday in March each year.

#This date is correct for 2023 otherwise it is on the 2nd Sunday in November