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Winter Fact Sheet
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As many know,

we occasionally get impacted by bad weather 
– hopefully not this winter, but just in case ….. 


Emergency Numbers:


422091- Chair of Parish Council

423799 - Vice-Chair of Parish Council

811870 - Clerk to the Parish Council

422361 - Chair of Residents’ Association


Medical Emergencies: dial 999. The ambulance service will attend as soon as possible. It does have access to 4x4s. Any local Community First Responder who is on duty will also be alerted and will attend if possible


Emergency Transport: a list of those with 4x4s who would be willing to offer emergency transport is available. Please contact one of the local numbers above


Stranded Drivers; should people passing through the village on the A259 become stranded, limited emergency  accommodation is available. If you become aware of people needing this sort of help please contact one of the numbers above


Help in non-emergencies: contact Community Watch on 423311 or 423101 or 423611


Medicines, Food and Fuel: you may wish to consider increasing appropriate stocks over the winter period, just in case


Be Neighbourly: and please keep an eye out for neighbours in need during bad weather


The Parish Council’s Emergency Plan is accessible from the home page or click here to go directly.


Keep Safe!




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