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Bus Shelter Rebuild: Following the successful rebuild of the Friston north side bus shelter in 2019, work has now been completed on replacing the bus shelter on the south side of the A259 at East Dean. The old wooden shelter has been replaced by a brick built one which should last for many years. Reclaimed bricks and the original roof were used to give the shelter a weathered "Rustic" look to match the existing bus shelter on the south side of the road.


Friston Safety Kerb Re-alignment Completed At Last: After four years of lobbying by the Parish Council and a payment of half the cost from the precept, ESCC Highways have now finished work on a safety build-out of the kerb next to the Crowlink Lane turning at the top of Friston Hill. This change to the kerb will allow pedestrians to cross the A259 more safely by preventing motorists from “undercutting” cars waiting to turn right towards Jevington. The "Before and after" pictures are shown below.

Friston Bus Shelter Rebuilt

The bus shelter on the north side of the A259 at Friston, near Windmill Lane, has now been rebuilt following its earlier damage through vandalism. The new shelter is built in brick rather than wood so it should prove more resilient and last for many years. It is hoped next year to carry out a similar exercise on the wooden bus shelter on the south side of the road at East Dean.

New Noticeboards in Downlands Way

As part of the Parish Council's continuing efforts to smarten up the shopping area in Downlands Way, we have now installed two new Notice Boards. One board will be used for displaying official notices and publications from the Parish Council, while the other will contain information on our proposed Neighbourhood Plan and its progress. The Council's other notice board, by the Village Hall, has also been refurbished following earlier damage to its fixing posts.

BT threat to remove A259 Phonebox removed (for now)

A notice was posted on 12th June in the phone box on the corner of Gilberts Drive and the A259, saying BT intend to remove it after a 42 day consultation period. The Parish Council is opposed to this removal on the grounds of health and safety, as mobile phone coverage in the village is limited and patchy. Our objections were submitted to the South Downs National Park Authority who supported them. Finally, on 24th October, we heard from BT that they have removed this box from their "rationalisation programme" and it will remain in place. They have said though, that they will continue to monitor its usage and may propose it for removal in the future, so there is a need to keep vigilent and watch out for any return of signs like the one above.