Summary Minutes of Council Meetings

This page carries a summary of the last three month's minutes

The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 6th February.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 6)

A memorial bench has been donated by a local family and will be installed next to Friston Pond.

Budget Monitoring

Council likely to underspend this year’s budget by around £6300, due to savings on War Memorial railings and income from Infrastructure Levy.

Defibrillators (Report 8)

£7000 received from winding up of First Responders. To be used for installation of seven units around Parish. Three sites initially identified. Portable unit to be given to Beachy Head Chaplaincy.

Cricket Club Hire Agreement 2020

Approved under the same terms as 2019.

Payments and Receipts

Christmas Tree lighting event raised £127.59 for charity of the year (JPK project)

Urgent item

Use of the village car park for the weekly Community Market could be under threat as WDC (landowners) require prior permission  for this and have said it will be refused, despite the market having operated for 15 years. The PC and District Councillor agreed to support the market organiser in applying for a licence and to lobby WDC for this to be granted.

Councillor Reports

a)     Local MP (written report)

Maria Caulfield reported that work on a new Exceat bridge could begin in May.  Discussions are also ongoing with a prospective new Post Office operator.

b)    County Councillor

Cllr. Shing reported transfer of Seven Sisters Country Park to SDNPA.

Temporary traffic lights at Exceat bridge have been installed while Alfriston High Street is closed for water main repair works.

c)     District Councillor

Cllr. Lunn requested PC help in getting new waste collection calendar to residents not on line as no printed copies will be provided, saving WDC £35000.

Cuckmere flooding discussed by local drainage board, but Environment Agency did not participate.

d)    Finance

Tree Warden submitted estimates for digital mapping of trees and public information material.

e)     Village events

Clubs and societies invited to a meeting on 25th Feb to consider a coordinated response to VE day 75 comemorations.

f)      Fund Raising

Interpretation boards are likely to cost around £6000 and will require permission from ESCC, Gilbert Estate and Village Hall Trust.

g)     Rights of Way

Meeting with Hon. Solicitor and Roads Company to be held on 11 Feb to consider legal position with use of precept to maintain unadopted roads.

h)    Recreation Ground

New gate closures and four replacement swings to be provided for playground. Additional work carried out to treat woodworm and paint kitchen ceiling in Pavilion.

The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 7th January

Co-option of Councillor

Daniel Wild was co-opted to the council to fill the remaining vacancy.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 7)

a)      Parish walking maps to be added to the “Healthy Wealden” website.

b)      Meeting to be arranged with village groups to co-ordinate activities to commemorate “VE Day 75”.

c)      Interpretation boards similar to those at Seaford Head to be considered for installation around the village.

d)      Permission from EBC to be sought for replanting of trees along verge by Downsview Lane.

e)      Presentation of cheque to charity of the year to be made when final amounts in.

Tree Warden Terms of Reference

Updated document adopted. Future digital mapping of flora within the Parish to be considered by Neighbourhood Plan Group.

Budget Development 2020/21 to 2022/23

Precept to be increased by 2% (a rise of £1.60 for Band D properties) to cover statutory costs and allow up to £22,969 to be spent on capital projects during 2020/21.

Code of Conduct

Amendments proposed by ESCC to cover cases of harassment and bullying adopted.

Email & Internet Usage Policy

Policy concerning confidentiality of communications between councillors, lay advisors and the public adopted.

Parish Councillor Allowances

Independent Panel have recommended that blanket opting out of allowances should be replaced by individual councillors’ choice communicated to the clerk.

Urgent Item

Concern expressed by residents of drone flying around village and on recreation ground within 50m of properties. CAA drones code of practice to be published on website and in magazine.

Councillor Reports

a)     County Councillor

ESCC budget cuts now reduced to £5 million. 2020/21 Council Tax likely to rise by about £57 for Band D property.

b)    District Councillor

Formal complaint raised with ESCC over lack of response to Cuckmere flooding. WDC local plan has been rejected by Planning Inspector.

c)     Chair of Council

MP Maria Caulfield had written to say she was pursuing Post Office for local villages with PO management.

PC has now taken delivery of defibrillators and will be installing in secure housings around the Parish.  

d)    Bank Account – the end of month balance was £71,930.

e)     Rights of Way

Investigations continuing into abandoned Waterworks Cottage. Footpaths that cross A259 halfway up Friston Hill should remain unsigned for safety reasons.

f)      Recreation Ground

Meeting with play equipment company to discuss future enhancement of play area. Woodworm found in roof of Pavilion during work has been treated.  


Next Meetings 

Parish Council meeting; 6th February

Planning Committee: 18th February



The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 5th December. 

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 6)

a)      Council to support village events on 75th Anniversary of VE Day (8th May). Cllr Wheatley to coordinate.

b)      Friston Safety kerb realignment to proceed in New Year.

c)      Friston (North) bus shelter currently being rebuilt.

d)      Hon Solicitor agreed to seek legal opinion on PC including unadopted road maintenance costs in the precept.

e)      Bollards between Gore Farm Close and shops now fitted with safety reflectors.

Planning Matters

Council ratified and enhanced decisions from the 19th Nov Planning Committee that had been delayed to allow for consultations. For details see the full minutes.

Budget Development 2020/21 (Report 7)

Existing budget was in good condition with some capital spend held over to next year. Cllrs. are to review and submit proposals for next year at a working group prior to draft budget being set at the Jan PC meeting.

Interpretation Boards (Report 8)

Lead member for communications reported on meetings with SDNPA on producing a number of information boards around the village, as has been done elsewhere in the park. Work is continuing on costings and permission needed to erect boards.

Downsview Lane Verge

After requests from residents the PC had paid for  a contractor to clear undergrowth from the south side of the road. Some complaints had been received that clearance was too radical while other residents supported the work. Future work will be limited to mowing a 1.5 m strip and tree planting will be considered next year.

Notice Boards and Road Signs

New notice boards for Downlands Way shops have been obtained. The Horsefield Car Park Notice Board is to be repaired and the Friston one removed. Two damaged road name boards are also to be repaired.

Rude Mechanical Theatre Co.

Licence granted for another performance on the Rec. on 10th June 2020.

Councillor Reports

a)     County Councillor/District Councillor

Both Cllrs. reported on the flooding at Cuckmere Haven in November. They are both working to get the Environment Agency to change policy on dredging the river and clearing beach shingle.

b)    Chair of Council

Tree lighting & Carol singing event on 1st Dec had raised £112 for the PC’s 2019 charity. Wine had been provided by the PC to the Dec Village Lunch.

c)     Neighbourhood Plan

Working Group to be relaunched in Jan.

d)    Finance

Bank Balance was £78,754.37

e)     Rights of Way

Bark chips laid on 7 footpaths. Footpath signs awaiting repair by ESCC. Gullies at top of Downsview Lane now cleared.

f)      Recreation Ground

Insulation Work on Pavillion Roof delayed until January. Request from cricket club for permanent picket fence around pavilion not agreed.