Summary Minutes of Council Meetings

This page carries a summary of the last three month's minutes

The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 1st November.

Public Session

Cricket Club members spoke in support of measures to mitigate the risk of balls hitting the new houses next to the pitch. RA chair urged the council to support efforts to stop the Post Office closing and reported plans to landscape the end of Micheldene Road.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a)      Cricket Club had decorated the pavilion but had found damage caused by leaks. Quotes for repairs to be sought.

b)      Research into history of The Drove is continuing.

c)      Individual councillors email addresses    linked to the website now available.

d)      Safe has been installed in small hall to contain emergency resource items.

e)      Unable to use Horsefield for firework display on Dec 1st but lighting of Christmas tree with Carols to go ahead.

Recreation Ground (Reports 7 & 8)

No further action on tree planting until landscaping of the new development known.

Planning application for ball stop nets not opposed by PC although not an ideal solution. Long term need to move cricket square costing £20k. Cricket Club hoping for £10k from Wealden and reported Gilbert Estate had pledged £5k if matched by PC. To be considered at a future meeting.

Budget 2018/19 (Report 5)

Finances to end of September showed a surplus of £9520 with a projected annual surplus of £24132. This was mainly due to underspend on capital projects.

Admin. Assistant (Report 6)

Agreed to advertise for this post with a closing date for applicants of 6th December.

Tree Warden (Report 9)

a)      Commissioning of a Tree Dossier to be considered by the budget working group.

b)      Subsidy of 25% to be continued for felling diseased Elms

c)      Forestry Commission now recommending not to fell trees with Ash Dieback.

d)       Tree Warden to be consulted on all planning applications involving trees. Also to be provided resources and given a higher profile on PC website.

Rude Mechanicals Theatre Co.

Visit to Rec. on 12th June 2019 approved.

Councillors’ Remuneration

EDFPC Councillors do not currently claim.

Urgent Items

Situation regarding the Post Office to be publicized on the PC website.

Councillor Reports

District Councillor

Exceat Bridge eco. survey now completed. Crocus bulbs presented to PC for planting. Cllr. Wilton to stand down at next elections.

County Councillor

Friston build out to be considered on 19th November. Cllr. Shing to support PC.


Planning Chair to attend SDNPA re. Crowlink Corner. Notice to be published on website re. Neighbourhood Plan group.

Finance - Bank Account

The end of month balance was £68634.01.

Rights of Way

ESCC budget cuts will affect current projects. Bus shelters need remedial work. Resident injured by tree root on FP 25.

Correspondence (Report 15)

UK Power requested wayleave across Friston Green & SE Water offering support to vulnerable customers.

Next Meetings Council; 6th December. Planning Committee 18th December

 The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 4th October.

Council Membership

The chair reported the resignation of Cllr Amanda Hookham, who has moved to Southampton to pursue a maritime career. Cllrs. recorded their thanks for her work.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

Car Park “No Camper Vans”Sign – Council decided not to pursue this due to high cost of signs.

Footpath 24 accessibility – To make this fully accessible would be very costly and ESCC would not fund. No further action.

The Drove – redacted copies of evidence gathered in support of public right of way to be supplied to those researching its history.

Emergency Plan – Secure resource store to be installed in Village Small Hall.

New Council Website – now up and running. Cllrs. Email acounts to be added.

Litter Bins – Second bin by East Dean north bus stop installed.

Risk Management Strategy (Report 5)

Amended document from August meeting adopted and resulting actions agreed.

Carols and Fireworks (Report 6)

Final arrangements to be agreed with Gilbert Estate for event on 1st December.

Clothing Bank – Request to place clothing bank in Downlands Way parking area turned down due to loss of parking spaces.

Wealden Licensing Authority Consultation – No changes proposed.

Payments and Receipts (Reports 9a&b)

Final installment of precept received.

Urgent Items

Graffiti on East Dean south bus shelter had been cleared by Mr Franklin.

Trees - Unauthorised tree felling had occurred on PC land adjacent to Friston Green as well as church land. Letter of complaint sent to originator of work.

Councillor Reports

a) District Councillor

Waste collection schedules still being disrupted. Please report all missed bins to Wealden Council online or on 443322.

b) County Councillor

From 2019 ESCC would be scaling back all verge cutting & parishes would have to decide to make up shortfall. Cllrs. queried future of community match funding.

c) Planning

Committee asked PC to write to National Trust over its failure to engage with planning application for Crowlink Corner.

PC also asked to establish a Neighbourhood Plan steering group and appoint an admin. assistant to relieve burden of extra work on Parish Clerk that this would involve. Agreed to consider these at an extraordinary PC meeting on 16th October.

d) Bank Account – the end of month balance was £71,052.70.

e) Recreation Ground

Cricket club had offered to redecorate interior of pavilion which would then be closed and “winterised” shortly.

Quotes to be obtained for tree planting along north border with the Drove.

Correspondence (Report 12)

Items considered included ownership of Downlands Way pavement, flash flooding at Friston Pond and Pedestian safety along gilberts Drive.

Next Meetings Parish Council; 1st Nov; Planning Committee 20th Nov.


Public Session - Improving access to the footpath across the Horsefield was raised and the Tree Warden reported on Dutch Elm disease. He was thanked for his early warning of the recent grass fire near Old Willingdon Rd.

District Councillor’s report - Topics covered included the disruption to bin collection.

County Councillor’s report - 
ESCC must reduce its budget by an extra £46 million by 2022 as well as existing cuts.
Community match funding under threat.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a)       Safe to be purchased for use as emergency resource store.
b)       Negotiations continue with Gilbert Estate over Christmas fireworks.
c)       Soakaway in Rec. complete. Ground needs reinstatement.
d)       Blocked drain at corner of Micheldene Rd & A259 cleared. 

Budget Update Quarter 1 (Report 5) - Finance lead explained changes to reporting with separation of capital and running expenses. Reserves were higher than budget due to savings in costs and unexpected income. Some unbudgeted expense expected on war memorial, to be taken from reserves.

Risk Assessment (Report 6) - New document considered and some amendments proposed. Hope to finalize this at the next meeting.

Admin. Assistant (Report 7) - A draft Job Description was presented. The required number of hours could be more than originally thought if PC proceeded with Neighbourhood plan so further discussion deferred until this was made clearer.

Neighbourhood Planning (Report 8) - Chair of Planning presented a briefing document. PC previously considered a neighbourhood plan in 2016 but decided against. Since then, experience elsewhere has shown advantages so we could reconsider. A further report to be produced, including financial impact, for next PC meeting.

Recreation Ground - RoSPA report on play area presented. No serious hazards identified but replacement of fence and gates recommended. To be pursued with DJ Utilities. Proposal for additional trees by the Drove to be deferred until work on new houses complete.

Diseased Elm Trees - Further cases reported. ESCC notified.

NHS Health Check Clinic - To be held in Village Hall if available.

Urgent Items - Meeting to be requested with Post Office rep regarding future of Barn Stores PO counter.

Parish Councillor Reports

a)       Chair of the Council  -Reported on topics from Surrey & Sussex Chairs’ Network Conference.
b)       Bank Account – the end of month balance was £49,483.84. 
c)       Rights of Way - Lead to meet with residents researching Drove history. 
d)       Website – New website nearing completion. Cllr. d’Urso to take over lead as Cllr. Hookham standing down.

Correspondence (Report 15) - Included a follow up to previous months’ topic of noise.