Summary Minutes of Council Meetings

This page carries a summary of the last three month's minutes

  The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 3rd January

 Public Session

Reps from the Cricket Club lobbied in support of council financial help towards the cost of moving the cricket square

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

Finance lead to investigate Cuckmere Bus Route 41 usage and continuing support.

Free tap water initiative to be supported.

Council’s ability to lend interest free for social purposes confirmed.

Emergency Plan with confidential contacts now stored in safe in Village Hall.

Application for grant from SDNPA Communities Fund to be sought for All-weather cricket pitch.

Cricket Square Relocation

Alternative proposal for Ball-Stop nets rejected as more expensive and likely to fail to get planning approval. Council approved donating up to £5000 towards the cost of moving the square, subject to the Cricket Club raising balance of cost elsewhere

Admin. Assistant (Restricted Report 5)

After interviews in December, councillors approved the appointment of an Admin. Assistant to start work in February.

Downlands Precinct

Previous complaints of parking on pavement opposite shops considered, following Hon. Solicitor’s advice that Council was owner. Initial step to place no parking signs agreed.

The Drove

Lead for Rights of Way reported on research by residents into history of this closed path and possibility of legal challenge. Alternative options to be discussed with Gilbert Estate.

Wealden Budget Consultation

Finance lead gave his assessment of budget and proposed increase of 2.7%. Agreed that EDF precept will not be linked to this but based on future budgeted expenditure. Garden waste to now be charged at £50 PA.

Parish Remuneration Report

All Parish Councillors can claim allowances at a national set level, but EDF councillors have never claimed. This will be budgeted for and used for grants if not claimed.

Urgent Items

Chair reported correspondence with the National Trust regarding proposed track at Crowlink Corner. Contents of this letter to be raised at the next Planning Committee.

Councillor Reports

a)     County Councillor – Parish to be contacted by ESCC regarding Friston road improvement. County budget to be agreed on 5th Feb and link will be sent.

b)     District Councillor – After May elections, EDF will be in new ward with Long Man, Cuckmere and Alfriston.

c)     Planning – Concern at works in advance of planning approval to be raised at the next committee meeting.

d)     Bank Account – the end of month balance was £62877.99.

e)     Rights of Way – Grass verges in Downsview Lane will no longer be cut by EBC (landowners). Cost of taking this over to be investigated.

f)      Recreation Ground –  Boundary wall now cleared. Play area fence and gate to be repaired. Some play equipment may need eventual replacement due to wear and rust. Pavilion interior needs major repair work. Quotes to be obtained.

Next Meetings 

Parish Council meeting; 7th February Planning Committee: 19th February

The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 6th December.

Council Appointments

Following the resignation of Cllr. Greenwell, Cllr. Seeley was appointed as Vice-Chair and Cllr. Day as lead member for the Recreation Ground.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 5)

a) Cricket Club have redecorated Pavilion but repairs will be needed before re-opening. To be deferred until springtime due to Pavilion being closed for the winter.

b) Rec. boundary wall cleared of vegetation.

c) Footpath 25 steps repaired and FP 18 grass strimmed. Broken style on FP 33 reported to Eastbourne as on their land.

d) PC to consider projects suitable for SDNPA Community Infrastructure Fund and submit before Feb 2019.

e) Wayleave signed for excavation work on Friston Green to install electricity cable.

Digitization of Pavilion (Report 6)

Proposal by Cricket Club to equip pavilion with Broadband and TV, paid for by ECB grant, approved in principle.

Request for temporary use of Rec. for car parking (Report 7)

After discussion it was agreed to issue a licence for parking on north side of Rec. for a charity event on 30th March 2019.

Timetable of Meetings for 2019

Agreed and now published on the PC website.

Urgent Items

Hon. Solicitor has given legal opinion on ownership of pavements in Downlands Way. Implications of this to be discussed at January meeting.

Councillor Reports

a) County Councillor

Cllr. Shing reported that ESCC Highways Committee had approved match funding for the safety improvements proposed by the PC for the top of Friston Hill. Given the level of ESCC cutbacks, this was very welcome and councilors thanked Cllr Shing for his support in this.

b) Chair of the Council

A number of applications had been received for the advertised post of Admin. Assistant and interviews to be held during December.

Suggestions invited to be considered at January meeting for 2019 Charity of the year.

c) Bank Account – the end of month balance was £65,261.

d) Rights of Way

Minutes of SLR meeting with ESCC held at end of October now published.

Request received for presentation of historical evidence for the possible right of way on the Drove to be given in the public session of the January meeting.

e) Events

Cllr. Hill reported on the inaugural Christmas Tree lighting event on 1st December. This was marred by the unseasonal wet weather but all who attended were appreciative. It is hoped to run again in 2019.

PC again provided wine to accompany the Village Christmas Lunch. This was much appreciated.


A letter offered advice to councillors on the situation regarding liability for the cost of moving the cricket square.

Next Meetings Parish Council meeting; 3rd January 2019. Planning Committee.15th January.



The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 1st November.

Public Session

Cricket Club members spoke in support of measures to mitigate the risk of balls hitting the new houses next to the pitch. RA chair urged the council to support efforts to stop the Post Office closing and reported plans to landscape the end of Micheldene Road.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a)      Cricket Club had decorated the pavilion but had found damage caused by leaks. Quotes for repairs to be sought.

b)      Research into history of The Drove is continuing.

c)      Individual councillors email addresses    linked to the website now available.

d)      Safe has been installed in small hall to contain emergency resource items.

e)      Unable to use Horsefield for firework display on Dec 1st but lighting of Christmas tree with Carols to go ahead.

Recreation Ground (Reports 7 & 8)

No further action on tree planting until landscaping of the new development known.

Planning application for ball stop nets not opposed by PC although not an ideal solution. Long term need to move cricket square costing £20k. Cricket Club hoping for £10k from Wealden and reported Gilbert Estate had pledged £5k if matched by PC. To be considered at a future meeting.

Budget 2018/19 (Report 5)

Finances to end of September showed a surplus of £9520 with a projected annual surplus of £24132. This was mainly due to underspend on capital projects.

Admin. Assistant (Report 6)

Agreed to advertise for this post with a closing date for applicants of 6th December.

Tree Warden (Report 9)

a)      Commissioning of a Tree Dossier to be considered by the budget working group.

b)      Subsidy of 25% to be continued for felling diseased Elms

c)      Forestry Commission now recommending not to fell trees with Ash Dieback.

d)       Tree Warden to be consulted on all planning applications involving trees. Also to be provided resources and given a higher profile on PC website.

Rude Mechanicals Theatre Co.

Visit to Rec. on 12th June 2019 approved.

Councillors’ Remuneration

EDFPC Councillors do not currently claim.

Urgent Items

Situation regarding the Post Office to be publicized on the PC website.

Councillor Reports

District Councillor

Exceat Bridge eco. survey now completed. Crocus bulbs presented to PC for planting. Cllr. Wilton to stand down at next elections.

County Councillor

Friston build out to be considered on 19th November. Cllr. Shing to support PC.


Planning Chair to attend SDNPA re. Crowlink Corner. Notice to be published on website re. Neighbourhood Plan group.

Finance - Bank Account

The end of month balance was £68634.01.

Rights of Way

ESCC budget cuts will affect current projects. Bus shelters need remedial work. Resident injured by tree root on FP 25.

Correspondence (Report 15)

UK Power requested wayleave across Friston Green & SE Water offering support to vulnerable customers.

Next Meetings Council; 6th December. Planning Committee 18th December