Summary Minutes of Council Meetings

This page carries a summary of the last three month's minutes

The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 3rd October

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a)    Friston safety build out design received. ESCC to be asked to make 1m longer.

b)    ESCC now offering 10% for Dutch Elm felling. PC subsidy reduced to 40%.

c)    “Pedestrians in road” sign for road to Birling Gap to be pursued with ESCC.

d)    Downsview Lane bus stop replacement to also be pursued at Oct SLR meeting.

e)    Remembrance Day ceremony on Nov 10th to be co-ordinated by PC due to British Legion branch closure. War memorial railings being cleaned and painted before the event.

f)     Contractor found to clear verge in Downsview Lane belonging to Eastbourne. Letters to be sent to residents not to dump waste there.

g)    Work at Friston Pond underway to clear drainage, undergrowth and fallen tree.

h)    Friston shelter put back after vandalism. Will need replacing as badly damaged.

i)     Cricket Club 20/20 event was well organised and supported by villagers and visitors.

j)     New noticeboards in shopping precinct for Neighbourhood Plan & Parish Council to be ordered.

k)    Space still available at Friston Pond and Recreation Ground for memorial seats.

Risk Management Review (Report 8)

Amendments made to risk management strategy as part of annual update.

Tree Warden (Report 9)

Job description and responsibilities to be revised for Neighbourhood Planning needs.


Schedule of Meetings for 2020

Meeting dates agreed (now published on website). Annual Village Meeting to be on Friday 24th April.

Councillor Reports

a)     County Councillor

Temporary lights at Exceat for Airbourne to continue until new bridge is built. ESCC to receive extra Government funding in 2020/1. PC requested that County Council ensure future cycle races should not close roads for long periods on safety grounds.

b)    Planning Committee

SDNPA reps to attend meeting on 15th Oct. to discuss liaison and enforcement.

c)     Neighbourhood Plan

Flyers circulated with Oct Parish Mag. To get more feedback from residents. Hope to extend membership of steering group to include younger members.

d)    Bank Account – the end of month balance was £87,790.

e)     Fund Raising

Profit from PC stall at Village Fete, plus donation and any profits from Christmas lights event to be handed over to JPK charity in the New Year.

f)      Rights of Way

Liaison meeting with ESCC highways (SLR) to take place on 22nd Oct.

Next year’s budget to include provision for rebuild of Friston (north) bus shelter.

g)     Recreation Ground

Replacement of play area fencing to begin shortly. Roof insulation and “winterisation” of Pavilion begun following cricket season end.

No Council meeting was held in September due to the Parish Council's summer break.
The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 1st August.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a)    ESCC require £3000 to begin design of Friston kerb buildout. Cllrs. asked for more info. before approving.

b)    Concerns raised about tourists in Birling Gap Road due to lack of buses.

c)    Two offers to build replacement for damaged squeeze gate received.

d)    Frequency of Cricket outfield mowing & footpath strimming to be checked.

e)    Manager of The Tiger has confirmed that picnic tables on Village Green are for general use & not reserved.

Admin. Assistant

Following interviews, Cllrs. approved the appointment of Ms Nicola Osborne.

Annual Village Meeting: Follow up

Due to muted support at the AVM for an NHS pop-up clinic, Cllrs. decided not to pursue. Local GP surgery can offer this.

Quarterly Finance Report (Q1)

Overall budget underspent by £2000. Future capital projects list to be revised.

Replacement PC noticeboards

Following the improvements to Downlands Way shops, it was agreed to replace the PC noticeboards with new metal framed ones.

Events programme 2019/20

a)    Cricket Club are holding a fund raising event on 28th Sept. featuring players from Sussex CCC. Cllrs. raised concerns about evening event. To be discussed with club representatives.

b)    PC will support Remembrance Sunday now that local British Legion Branch has been wound up.

c)    Possibility for fireworks at Christmas lights event to be pursued.

d)    Possibility of VE Day event next May to be considered at Oct. meeting.

Dutch Elm Disease

ESCC have now withdrawn subsidy for felling diseased trees completely. PC will compensate by increasing subsidy from 25% to 50%. Householders affected should contact Tree Warden in the first place.

Councillor Reports

a)     County Councillor

Test work at Exceat Bridge to be complete before Airbourne. No truth in rumours of boreholes at Birling Gap.

b)    District Councillor

Wealden Council now committed to reducing carbon emmissions. Problems with Planning enforcement raised with SDNPA. Community Infrastructure Levy fund has over £1 million which should be spent.

c)     Chair of Council

Cycle race on 28th July had caused great disruption. PC unable to influence race as allowed by Home Office licence.

d)    Bank Account  – the end of month balance was £67,797.14.

e)     Fund Raising

Decision on CIL funding for moving the cricket square should be known by Sept.

f)      Rights of Way

Footpaths to be surveyed for bark chip spreading this winter.

g)     Recreation Ground

Remedial work carried out to play area equipment. Maintenance contract to be considered for the future.

Next Meetings 

Parish Council meeting; 3rd October

(No Council meeting in September)

Planning Committee: 17th September



The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 4th July.

Items for decision

Business in Progress (Report 4)

a)     Replies awaited from ESCC re. warning signs on Birling Gap Road blind bend and moving Downsview Lane bus stop.

b)    Offers received to contribute to replacing vandalised squeeze gate.

c)     Entrance to Recreation Ground has now been re-levelled by housing developer.

d)    Redundant and damaged litter bin at Friston Pond to be removed.

e)     Council grants for 2019 have now been paid to applicants.

Digital land mapping The following is a summary of the main points discussed at the Council meeting on 4th July

f)      to be referred to Neghbourhood Plan Steering Group.

g)    Fallen tree on Greensward to be referred to Residents’ Association.

Standing Orders

Modification to allow appointed lay advisors to participate in closed sessions approved.

Accessibility Regulations for Website

Accessibility statement for PC website to be prepared by Cllr. D’Urso before Sept. 2020.

Decommissioning East Dean Phone Box

PC to object to this on safety grounds due to poor mobile phone coverage. Should appeal fail, PC may consider adopting box.

Councillor Reports

a)   County Councillor

Cllr. Shing reported proposed transfer of Seven Sisters Park from ESCC to SDNPA to which he was opposed.

Cllrs. raised the traffic problems caused by traffic lights at Exceat Bridge to which he had not been informed.

b)   District Councillor

Cllr. Lunn reported problems with residents being unable to pay the new garden waste fee. He was also pursuing the possibility of lights in the village car park. He has been appointed Wealden’s rep on both the SDNPA and the Cuckmere Water Management Board. He was raising the PC’s concerns on non-enforcement of planning conditions and continuing to press MP on Post Office closure.

c)    “East Dean in Bloom”

Cllrs. and volunteers have cleaned up Downlands Way shopping area and installed flower tubs. This work jointly funded by the shops, the RA and the PC.

New notice boards and signage to be considered around the village.

d)   Planning Committee

FOI request sent to SDNPA regarding enforcement resources. Vanessa Rowlands from Cuckmere Valley PC elected as local rep to SDNPA. She will be coming to next Planning Committee.

e)    Neighbourhood Plan

Consultations in the community and presentations to local groups had begun.

f)     Bank Account

The end of month balance was £70,418.73.

g)   Rights of Way

Some strimming has been done in Downsview Lane but not hedge cutting. PC to organize. Other footpaths with long grass to be followed up.

h)   Recreation Ground

ROSPA report has raised some safety concerns with play equipment. Most serious to be taped off pending repairs. Further quote for fencing to be obtained.

Next Meetings 

Parish Council meeting; 1st August

Planning Committee: 20th August