Roads Company


The residential area of the parish to the north of the A259 main road is known as the Downlands Estate. The roads on the Estate are deemed unadopted public highways. They are privately maintained with no support from ESCC Highways. Maintenance of these roads and the associated drains is vested in a non-profit organisation, the Downlands Roads Company.

The official name is East Dean Downlands (Roads) Limited. It is a private limited company and was incorporated on 2 March 1984; registered number 01796596. There are currently a little over 200 shareholders, all being residents on the Downlands Estate.

The company's principal activity is the maintenance of the roads on the East Dean Downlands Estate which includes maintaining the gulleys and drains that take the rainwater off the roads on the Estate. It receives funds from covenanted payments and annual contributions from the Downlands Estate residents.

The company may not distribute its funds by way of dividends to its members; the funds may only be applied towards the promotion of its objects/principal activity.

The Directors of the company are Robert Corbett (Chairman), Ron Pringle, and David Lockyer (Secretary).

To contact the company:-

a) to report areas of concern or to ask a question about the work undertaken by the company: email

b) to enquire about monies, subscriptions, finance, etc: email